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Previous Wedding Photography Clients Testimonials

Testimonials from recent weddings:
Dave and Kim:
"WOW Nikki, those are amazing!  The clouds really were "EPIC"! Thanks again for being part of the big day!
Raymond and Jackie:
"Thank you for the photos.. We are so in love with the photos.  Your are
absolutely amazing!!!
Thank you"

Riaan and Rachel:

"I want to thank you very very much for contributing to such a fun and special wedding day.
Your professional skills were and still are highly valued. It helped me relax and enjoy the day; knowing that you know what and how to do your magic. May the rest of your careers experience the same, and even higher, levels of success and excitement." - Rachel Bothma
Johan and Charlene:

"Hi Nikki.

..  I want to thank you and J for everything.  You guys are really awesome. Thanks for contributing to make my big day so special..." - Charlene Boshoff
Francois and Simone:

"Hi Nikki
Thank you for all your effort
They are so gorgeous, thanks so much!" - Simone Mitchell
Elton and Charne:

"Wow Nicole, the pics are stunning I can't believe how beautiful you made that lake look.
I love them, I'm so happy. :-)" - Charne Maris
"Thanks very much. I love the edits. They are very professionally done." - Elton Maris
Adrian and Kelsey:

"Hi Nikki, Great thank you so much. Well done you did such a great job..."- Kelsey Stone
Jimmy and Lauren:

" Hi Nikki Wow those are absolutely amazing and beautiful ! We are so excited... Thank you. We had such fun with you guys !" -Lauren and Jimmy

Willem and Estie:

"..Estie and I are honoured to have our wedding photographed by you and I would like to make use of this opportunity to thank you for having the heart to accommodate us with everything the way you did. Thank you so much Nicole.
I have taken a peak and the photos are beautiful..." - Willem Kloppers

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