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How to get better wedding photographs:

Posted on September 3, 2014 at 8:00 PM

Getting better wedding photographs

- by Nicole Phillips

Part 2


“Location, location, location”


While selecting a competent photographer is the first step to success, aiding the matter by opting for an aesthetically pleasing venue greatly enhances the final out come of your images.


When selecting a venue, a fundamental part of your choice if you want to get the most out of your photographer is to think about what the venue is going to look like in your photographs. Having a look at previous photographs shot at the same venue will also give you a good idea.


Some points to look out for:


When getting ready:


Dark rooms or rooms with a lot of clutter such as small pieces of furniture and pictures on the walls generally do not work well. Face brick is probably a photographer’s worst nightmare. The room should have a light colour wall and large windows, we love light! One large mirror as a center point works very well. The room should also be free of personal items lying around such as bags, clothes and toiletries.


The ceremony area:


If you are getting married outside, be careful which direction you are facing and the time of day. The wrong time of day or direction can result in some very unflattering shadows across your face as well as the guests’.


Again, a light airy building with plain coloured walls is best suited.


Area for the couple photographs:


Rhythm is a key element here. Rhythm is an aspect in an image that is repetitive, so an open field with grass, an avenue of trees and pillars of a building are all rhythmic aspects, which make for great wide shots. Manicured gardens, while pleasing to the eye, generally in South Africa are not large enough to create rhythm and end up looking disjointed in wide images. When shooting close up images the landscape is more forgiving as the background can be blurred out. Keep in mind that if you are getting married in a small venue that is located in a built up area, you will probably need to travel a bit for your couple photographs if you would like wide-angle images.


See our next part on decoration placement to achieve an optimal effect.


Happy venue hunting!


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